What drawings are applicable for Magic Lab transformation?

ScribbleMagicLab accepts all drawings done with felt pen, markers, lead and coloured pencils, crayon and paintings. Please note for the best outcome felt pen and markers are preferred.


How many images can be featured on a product?

ScribbleMagicLab can place two separate images on the same personalized product. There is a two image option during the submission process.


Are modifications available?

Yes! We give you the option for one modification following the initial proposal from the designer. Another modification is possible but at additional cost. For efficiency and to prevent any additional cost due to extra modifications, it is suggested to note your special wishes in the first submission.


If I prefer the first proposal vs. the second proposal, may I still choose the original?

Yes! You can always decide to use the first proposal instead of the second one.


What do you do with the designer modified images? Can I use them again?

We keep all designer modified images in our system and you can access them via your dashboard. You are free to use them again to personalize a new product as many times as you would like.


What is the estimated delivery time? What if I ordered multiple products?

The delivery time depends on the amount of products ordered. You can find the delivery delays in the products description. At ScribbleMagicLab, we use specialized suppliers. If the processing duration varies from one object to another, the suppliers will send the products separately.


Where do you deliver?

We deliver personalized products everywhere in Europe and Switzerland.


Why do you have to select a geographical zone before starting an order?

We have suppliers in Europe and Switzerland. To avoid an extra transport and border cost at your expense, we have optimized our system to cater to your geographical location.


If my child signs their drawing, will the signature appear in the designer’s proposal?

Yes! Unless otherwise specified, we will automatically include the signature. Please make sure their signature is clear and visible on the drawing. If the drawing does not contain a signature but you wish to add one separately for the designer to merge, please take a picture of their signature and use the “Two Drawings” option to send it to us. The designer will then add it to the drawing.


Do you maintain the identical format of the child’s drawing?

We try our very best to use the entire image submitted, but if the drawing is too complex or spatially complicated, ScribbleMagicLab’s designer will select the most important elements in the drawing at their discretion. Do not hesitate to share with us your wishes on what you would like featured if this applies to your submission.