Within every child is an artist. We at ScribbleMagicLab love our creative customers and we believe you deserve the easiest, high quality experience. It is our top priority to ensure you receive your personalized products with the enhanced drawing at the best value. Having received hundreds of drawings by kids around the world, we grow together in creativity and are proud of each and every piece of art that passes through the Magic Lab! Due to the specific manner in which images must be printed onto novelty items, we provide the support needed via our artist in the Magic Lab. Please remember we sometimes must select a specific region of an image in order to maintain perspective. This could possibly exclude small elements of the original drawing that are out of center boundaries, or removal of unnecessary marker lines, etc. We also may need to move objects closer and arrange them in a flattering manner. Our artist in the Lab magically transforms the format of your child’s original artwork. The artist then adds little “bells and whistles” to creates the sparkle of magic. We guarantee the highest quality, colorful piece of work possible while maintaining the original, unique spirit of your child’s masterpiece.

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Hello Friends!
Rachel is our Scribble Magic Lab artist who has been painting and illustrating for over 20 years.  Rachel is a self expression and travel enthusiast who encourages everyone to dream bigger, explore the world and inside of your mind. Let your imagination and talent shine.

Bruno is our special idea man who created the Scribble Magic Lab concept. His goal is to provide a safe space online for children and families to be a part of the easy, fun Magic Lab process. He ensures high quality kid friendly products so they can enjoy their own brilliance enhanced! Bruno also manages the mechanics of the company and ensures everything works properly on a daily basis.

Happy Creating from the Scribble Magic Lab Crew!