Personalized cube with your kid’s first drawing


This personalized cube is connected to an app to help you to solve it whenever you like! This cube will become the most amazing gift for a father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, or the kids themselves. It’s a great idea to keep the first drawings of your kids too!

From a drawing of your kid, ScribbleMagicLab will sublimate it all around this personalized cube:

1 – Choose the side where we will print the original image of your kid
2 – On the top side, the name and age of your kid and/or any other message you’d like to write
3 – On the other side, our pop design from your kid’s drawing. You can either get the same pop picture with different colors on every side or a split of the sublimated drawing all around the cube. It’s up to you.

You end up with a pop colors cube with the drawing of your kid on it. A great personalized gift or a nice way to keep forever his/her first drawing.

The personalized cube is connected: On each cube, you will have your personal QR code. Scan the QR code to see your virtual cube on a computer or mobile. The app will help you to solve it in a couple of minutes. So easy! So you can even shuffle the cube before offering it as-is will be very easy for anyone to solve it, to see step by step your kid’s drawing and message.


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Additional information

Weight 0.105 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 5.5 cm
Where will you print the original image?

on the bottom side, one side around the cube

What type of Pop drawing?

Same image on each side, Image splited all around the cube

Keep the first drawings of your kids for ever. Upload the drawing and we do the rest. We will design a pop image from the original drawing.  You will end up with the original image the designed image all around the cube. We know it could be hard to solve the cube. That's why every cube is connected to access to your virtual cube on the solver app. The app will tell you how to solve your cube when ever you need it




It begins with YOUR CREATION!
Step one, choose ideal paper for drawing

For the best outcome, favor felt pens and markers.
Avoid lead, coloured pencils and crayons!Favor solid white or light coloured paper.Avoid notebook, graph paper or paper with texture!Step two, let the creativity flow! Once you are satisfied, your child’s drawing can be sent to our Magic Lab.
If he/she prefers modern or abstract art, you can submit it to the Lab, too.


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