Personalized Mega Teddy Bear


Give a gift to a friend or loved one the huge personalised mega teddy bear that comes with an individualized t-shirt with the drawings of your children!

Are you searching for an exclusive, personalized big Teddy bear? This personalized teddy is the perfect surprise and is a truly unique gift! The mega teddy bear’s shirt is customizable. It’s a fantastic gift for your children by including their most loved artwork on the giant stuffed bear’s shirt. With this customizable and huge Teddy bear, you’re more than only giving a unique personalised gift as well as plenty of love.The personalized bear comes with the soft personalised T-shirt to which you can add your children’s artwork and an inscription.
Mega Large Teddy bears could be the perfect present for your children and friends. It could also be the ideal toys room decor.

In-depth information about Giant Teddy Bear.
Height: 60 cm when sitting and 96cm when standing
Printing: picture-perfect and full color
Material T-shirt: Cotton.

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Weight 5 kg
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It begins with YOUR CREATION!
Step one, choose ideal paper for drawing

For the best outcome, favor felt pens and markers.
Avoid lead, coloured pencils and crayons!Favor solid white or light coloured paper.Avoid notebook, graph paper or paper with texture!Step two, let the creativity flow! Once you are satisfied, your child’s drawing can be sent to our Magic Lab.
If he/she prefers modern or abstract art, you can submit it to the Lab, too.


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