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Look no more for the must have gifts of every season! We offer a large assortment of products to feature your child’s MagicLab enhanced drawing! Submit your child’s artwork and choose a product from our ScribbleShop like a mug, a canvas, a pillow, a plush toy, or even a cellphone case. Our Lab artist will quickly work her magic to enhance your child’s everlasting treasure! Delivered right to your mailbox.

How does a drawing become a unique gift?

Each drawing submitted to ScribbleMagicLab is enhanced by our artist while maintaining the original spirit and style of your child’s artwork. Discover in our video below the path of their drawing from your submission to the printing on one of our many beautiful lifestyle products!



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Personalized gifts with your children’s drawings!

Turn Children’s artwork into gifts..

Greetings, Magic Makers! You are looking for the perfect personalized gift or unique item that is guaranteed to make the ultimate impression, gift shop at ScribbleMagicLab offers awesome artistic modifications to your child’s drawing to be featured on an abundance of objects from our gift store at Scribble Shop! Once our artist magically transforms your child’s drawing, we print the image onto any object of your choice that is available in our Scribble Shop. Whether it is Father’s Day, Mom’s birthday or just to thank your nanny that is always there for you, we have something for every occasion. Do you want to buy a gift that can be a personalized mug for the office or perhaps a shopping bag with your child’s drawing featured on it? We also offer Samsung, iPhone, and iPad accessories, too! In our Scribble gift shop, you will discover a myriad of objects that will wow the people you love with your creative and original gift ideas!
are you looking to change the theme and decor of your child’s bedroom? Jump into our Decoration Idea section to find perfect decor products such as personalizable lampshades, clocks, canvas, rugs, and even bedroom curtains!
At ScribbleMagicLab we are all about your child wearing their imagination! Our Scribble gift shop offers many personalizable T-shirts and other clothing options. Your child can parade their true colors while modeling an outfit they helped design with their beautiful artwork! Don’t hesitate to visit the Scribble Shop and buy a gift where you will find many other clothing items and accessories!

What does Modifying/Enhancing mean?

Modifying means our artist takes your child’s original image and converts it into vector form, drawing it into printable perspective and adding beautiful colors and effects to bring out the best in their work! Enhancing an image means in some instances the artist maintains your child’s original drawing but extracts the best details of the image due to dramatic special issues, scribbles, errors or other details which are not ideal to include in the final result. Our artist uses the ultimate discretion to keep the drawings accurate to the original, but it is not always possible to include every detail

ScribbleMagicLab strives to turn children’s artwork into gifts of the highest quality no matter the size or shape of the object you have chosen from the Scribble gift store. At ScribbleMagicLab we applaud the artist in every child!

ScribbleMagicLab offers unique and original personalized gift ideas featuring your child’s awesome drawings and artwork! Our artist in the Magic Lab turns children’s artwork into gifts to create a variety of personalized decorations, gifts, and objects including kid-friendly clothes, Magic Mugs, cell phone, and iPad accessories, home or office decor and more with your child’s drawing as the star!