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Scribble Magic Lab | 10 Ways to Entertain Your Bored Little Kids at Home on a Dreary Day - Scribble Magic Lab - Personalize your Gifts

10 Ways to Entertain Your Bored Little Kids at Home on a Dreary Day

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March 16, 2022

When unpleasant weather rolls around, it’s best to stay home. However, young children usually become stir-crazy when stuck inside. While it’s important for kids to learn how to work through boredom, making things more fun for your little ones will help pass the time until the weather clears.
So, when your kids start complaining they want to go to the park but there’s a torrential downpour or blizzard outside, these 10 ways to entertain them will help restore the peace in your home.

Play a board game
Board games are a fun way to bring the family together in an interactive way. You can vote on which ones you’ll play or let everyone have a turn choosing the game they want. There are many educational games that are board games too so little ones can learn something while having a blast. And if you lose electricity from the weather events outside, board games can still be played without power!

Try online learning games
If the weather simply isn’t fun for bringing a gaggle of small children around and your power is up and running, online learning games are another wonderful option. Preschool online games often have the best educational games for little ones. They help get your children engaged in learning something new and fine-tuning those early skills. Plus, it may buy you some quiet time so that you can go to the bathroom without an audience for a change.

Watch a movie
Rainy days are the perfect way to cozy up for a movie as a family. See what’s on TV or Netflix, or pop in a DVD. Like those educational games, everyone can vote for what they like. Pop some popcorn and enjoy the show at home more comfortably. Even if the weather is just fine, this is a great way to keep your kids busy when your budget is tight. Plus, little ones often can’t sit still through a whole movie and in a theater, you’ll have to take them outside when they get antsy while at home, you can just switch to another activity.

Bake up treats
When kids are little, they always want to help. Now is your chance to give them an appreciation of cooking and baking while teaching them measurements. Grab a box mix of cake out of the pantry or make some cookie dough. Let your kids each have a chance to measure and add the ingredients in to make a special treat you can all enjoy together.

Make an obstacle course
Even the most well-behaved children will need to burn off energy. Normally, you’d probably let them run wild in the yard or take them to the playground. But if the weather is a mess, that’s not going to happen. Kids need to move around or they’ll get fidgety. So, make an obstacle course in your home. Use pillows and other soft items and create a course. Then see how long it takes everyone to complete the race.

Decorate for a holiday
Yes, even when the holiday in question is far away, you can entertain your kids by decorating the house. Take the Halloween decorations and put them up in the hall for a spooky haunted house. Or make things a cheerful Christmas village by pulling out the Christmas décor.

Put on a fashion show
Be honest…you still have a few boxes of clothes to give away sitting in your garage, don’t you? Grab those things and let the kids play dress up. They can have a fashion show or act out scenes all the while enjoying the fun.

Have a race
Start a friendly competition with your kids and have a race. Gather all the toy cars and trucks. Or you can also make paper airplanes and see which one will fly the furthest. Everyone will love it!

Engage them in science
While baking is a delicious science experiment, there are many other kid-friendly science experiments you can do too. Combining baking soda and vinegar is a simple way to amaze the kids, plus there are tons of other ideas that you can do with things you already have in the house.

Try making some art
The best thing about making art is that there are so many ways to create something. You can make things out of scraps of paper for a collage. You can paint with watercolors or use washable markers. A book drawing is an easy way to get kids interested in drawing on their own. They can copy what they see and they’ll eventually learn to create their own style. Give your child a drawing book and watch how they progress with every work of art they create.

Even better, you can turn their art from their drawing book into a design inspiration. With Scribble Magic Lab, those adorable drawings can become t-shirt designs, room décor, puzzles, mug designs, and more. They make excellent gifts too, so when the holidays roll around, you’ll know exactly what to give Grandpa and Grandma – something that your child drew themselves.

What makes this different is that there are so many ways to turn your child’s drawings into things you use daily. In the kitchen, you can have it become the background for a clock, a serving tray, or magnets for the fridge. Have their drawings put on a thermos mug so when you commute to work, you’ll always have something to make you smile.

Shower curtains, tablecloths, and plenty more can all be customized with your child’s artwork. So, hand them a drawing book and show them Scribble Magic Lab to see what they can come up with. You’ll most likely wind up with a little quiet time while they work hard on their art and have a great memento when they’re done!

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