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Wopart Fair is Returning to Lugano

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July 26, 2019
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The Wopart Fair is a world renowned arts fair held annually in Lugano, Switzerland. The fair focuses on artworks on paper from all eras and all fields. Everything from ancient works to the latest in contemporary work is showcased across three days. The fair, with the patronage of the city of Lagano, is organised by Lobo Swiss, directed by Luigi Belluzzi, and partners with premier sponsors and media organizations to coordinate the event. 

The success of the first Wopart Fair in 2016 has led its expansion every year since, and it is now the most anticipated fair for works on paper in the world. The ability to see hand drawn works from the old masters alongside masterpieces of contemporary photography and everything in between sets Wopart Fair apart. There isn’t anything quite like it. And as the event draws closer again, let’s look at what makes Wopart such a big part of the artworld’s calendar and why Scribble Magic can’t wait for September when the fair returns to Lugano.

Wopart at a Glance

With almost 100 galleries representing artwork from 14 countries around the world, the Wopart Fair hosts the widest array of artwork on paper of any art fair in the world. Wopart Fair has shown works from Picasso to Warhol and serves as a showcase for up and coming names in the artworld.

The selections for the Wopart Fair are made by a committee composed of journalists, art critics, curators, painters, gallerists, and art history experts. The selection committee considers a vast array of work on paper and carefully selects what will be presented using their collective expertise. The decisions are difficult given the vast amount of work available, and the fair prides itself as a premier event, making the choices important for the trends of the following year.

In 2018, 10,500 visitors descended on Lugano for three days of art, discussion, and discovery. 94 galleries from 14 countries collaborated to collect and present the best works on paper of all kinds and from all eras. With eleven speaker events and four supplementary exhibitions, the third Wopart Fair was an enormous success. The 2018 fair also saw the addition of the Emergent section, highlighting young artists working today. With each new year comes new expansions and concepts and more visitors.

What to Expect in 2019

This year is the fourth annual Wopart Fair. Yet again, thousands of visitors will visit Lugano from September 19th to the 22nd. Visitors will see ink drawings, photography, graphic design, asian prints, oil on paper, screen printing, and more. In between viewing incredible art from around the world, visitors will have opportunities to talk with leaders in the field and attend panel discussions and interviews with artists. There will also be overviews of the art publishing market and the ability to meet with various art publishers as well as with artists, gallery owners, fellow art lovers, collectors, and those curious in getting involved with art.

For 2019, the main and side events of Wopart will have a daily theme. Programming will be devoted to the discussion and exploration of these three topics: The Flavours of Paper, The Biodiversity of Paper, and The Democracy of Paper. By holding talks and exhibits on these themes, Wopart hopes to enrich the experience of the medium for visitors by bringing in multiple voices and perspectives on how the artwork connects to our lives and our world in different ways.

Participating hotels in the area provide highly competitive rates for exhibition visitors, and there is no better place to visit for a multi-day art fair. Lugano is a beautiful host city, sitting on Lake Lugano and surrounded by mountains nestled in southern Switzerland. The city is culturally diverse, located near the Italian border. While it is not on the ocean, it’s subtropical climate provides warm and inviting weather for most of the year. Because of its striking beauty and fair weather, Lagano is a tourist destination with a thriving local economy — the perfect venue for Wopart.

Why We Love Wopart

As more people become interested in collecting art, works on paper are rising in popularity. The market for drawing, once a lesser collected form, has begun to grow rapidly much like limited edition collectable prints, as both of these options allow collectors to enter the market without major investment upfront. These trends, along with the ongoing explosion of photography as an important field, are growing the relevancy and interest of the Wopart Fair in Lugano.

Scribble Magic Lab is excited for the Wopart Fair. The fair’s focus on artwork on paper is the perfect place to showcase what we love most. By celebrating the wonderful work that exists in the field, we hope more and more people are drawn to the world of artwork on paper and are inspired to join in as art lover’s, collectors, and artists — or all three.

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